One of the things you learn about being autistic is how socially isolating it can be.
Why is it in American society in the 21st Century, work is viewed as a prize for the most talented?
Gideon teaches us that we are enough because God is enough.
The Whole Gospel: Geoff Mitchell on Mainline ProtestantismListen now (50 min) | From the En Route Podcast. In the 1950s, Mainline Protestants were the largest group of Protestants in the United States. Since…
Josh Lewis on the Past, Present and Future of ConservatismListen now (74 min) | From the En Route Podcast. What is conservatism? What is the Republican Party? In the years since Donald Trump headed down that…
A Washing of Hands: Andrew Donaldson on Afghanistan (Again)Listen now (89 min) | It’s over. After 20 years, American involvement in Afghanistan ended as the last C17 took off from Hamid Karzi International…
Letters of Transit for September 4, 2021.
Sears didn't jump. It was pushed.
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Letters of Transit